bHack vs GovHack

By — Sun, 6 Jul 2014

GovHack is imminently approaching with the starter gun firing off this Friday, 7:30pm 11 July and running through 'til Sunday, 5:30pm 13 July with some announcements beforehand and afterwards.

If you're a programmer, hacker, data evangelist, tech head, web geek who has been meaning to come along to bHack meeting and just haven't had the time. Then the GovHack competition might just be the perfect chance to come in and meet some of the bHack members and community.

We've mentioned previously that this is the first time regional cities have rallied and put together official sites for the GovHack competition. The Ballarat GovHack coordinators (lead by George Fong and Scott Weston) have definitely been key leaders for this endeavour and we're all excited to be participating.

If you're registered in the event and are considering joining a team then you are more than welcome to join the bHack team. If you want to join the team then send us an email to give us a heads up. In the event we do win anything, we'll distribute the winnings amongst the members. It is recommended that any winnings are donated to the hackerspace, but is by no means compulsory.

If you're not registered and would still like to meet up and have a chat with the bHack members then definitely come in and say G'day to the team.

We look forward to seeing you there.