New year, New space!

By — Tue, 27 Jan 2015

Hello Hackers, and welcome to the belated new year post for bHack. Hopefully you have been busy - we sure have been with plenty of projects underway and more planned.

For starters, have you seen our new place? If not, try searching for Ballarat hackerspace in google maps.

We are working to make it a great place to hack on projects, learn new things, and meet people with a skill set you want to know more about. Of course, without people like you, a hackerspace isn't as fun.

Open times

Currently we are open every first, third and fifth Tuesday of the month between 7 - 9pm and we have even more open times coming very soon. We’ll keep you posted when they are locked in.

A big part of this year for our space is to get the word out that we are around. To help with this we would love to have Hackerspace veterans, Creative Artists and students be a part of our new space. The bHack team would love your help in moulding the future of the space. Every and any contribution is welcomed.

Come on in and say hello!

Working bee

Having moved into our new space, it's time to get everything ready for our official opening. If you are available on the 31st of January between 12pm – 3pm, we need your help. You provide the elbow grease and we'll provide the snacks and drinks!

How can you help?

You don't need to be a power lifter! Current things pencilled in are:

  • Helping to build the remaining tables (we have the wood already)
  • Find a projector we can use (second hand would be great!)
  • Clean up the carpet removal
  • Patching the concrete edge
  • Odd bits and pieces we find during the day
  • Work on the general layout of the room

The more parts that we can work on together, the faster and more things everyone can make use of. Tables for example will let us place the 3D Printer in a more permanent spot, while finding a projector will let us show tutorials on a screen. Got an idea for the space? Let us know, come in and help make it possible – we would love to have you around.

Again, if you are available we would love you to come help or socialise during our working bee, 31st January 12-3pm