CNC at Ballarat Hackerspace

By — Sat, 8 Aug 2015

First Cut

Whats new in the space this week? ... We have a CNC!

The week has been very productive, with the space's CNC becoming fully operational. Controlled by a PC, this gives precision cutting and routing of objects.

The objects you can use include plastics, woods (seen here on the first functional test print), and even soft metals. It moves at a decent pace, with the drill cutting into the wood easily.

The next step is to work on the accuracy of the CNC. This will mean more calibration, and more test runs! One of the goals is to use this with milling some of the parts needed in the construction of 3D Printers.

Like any new project, there was some initial troubles with being able to talk to the CNC effectively. After sourcing of additional parts, and many more settings tweaks, we are starting to have more success.

LinuxCNC - It's alive!
LinuxCNC - It's alive!

It's great to see new equipment working at the space, and brainstorming how it can be used with new and old projects.

In a future post, we will have a look at how the Drone/Multi-copters are going - 3D Printed frames and all kinds of fun are happening there!