Arcade Macro Board (Stream Deck clone)

By Callan Back

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A macro keyboard made of arcade buttons. Acts like a normal USB keyboard, but each arcade button runs multi-key macros/shortcuts. The idea is to use it like a Stream Deck for OBS to swap scenes when streaming to Twitch/Youtube or doing video calls. It would also work for any other programs that use keyboard shortcuts though, such as video and photo editing, games, etc.



The wiring is very simple. Connect all the grounds together on all the switches/buttons, and then connect the ground (anywhere) to GND on the Arduino Nano.

Then connect the other point on each switch to an input on the Arduino. It doesn't matter what order they go in, as long as each button goes to its own input.

Wiring Photo


The code is available here on Github

If you're using the Arduino IDE instead of VS Code, just remove the "#include " line.


  • Load the code onto your Arduino Nano
  • Plug the USB cable into your PC
  • Open up your OBS Settings and go to Hotkeys (this assumes you already have scenes set up)
  • Click on each of your scene's "Switch to Scene" entry, and press one of the buttons on the macro board to insert that button's shortcut combo
  • Click OK

That's it. The buttons will now change OBS scenes as long as OBS is open, even if you have a full-screen game/program over the top.