Deer photo frame

By Scott

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Laser etched photo frame


First run

Converted it using https: // to SVG. Yay
Obtained project design from https: //
This produced a coral draw file. yuck.

Light burn settings: etching /pattern, 100 speed @ 10% power Large cuts 100 speed @ 10% power

Epic fail. The 3mm ply didnt cut, the etching was nice, but feint.

Ran the same cut in position with 3 passes. This was ALMOST enough. to cut, unfortunately it was uneven, most likely because the ply was a bit uneven.

Recommend: 100 speed for both layers Etch at 15-20% for nice sharp lines, especially if painting CUT at 40%

Hell, maybe even 45%!

I managed to snap some pegs on the legs when removing the cut from the source material. Still works though.