COVID-19 Status: August 2020 Update

Unfortunately we have had to close our doors, fully, for the time being in response to increased lockdown measures in Victoria.

Nobody can use the space during this time, including our casual and full-time members.

We are still operating virtually, through our slack instance and online Jitsi video conference meeting room.

These channels are open to members and non-members, and we welcome your involvement.

You can also contact the committee if you want information on us, or just want to say hi.

As restrictions lift across Victoria, so too will the Ballarat Hackerspace return to full-STEAM operation!

Stay safe and well.

— 8th August 2020


We are a non-profit community group dedicated to providing education and resources to encourage skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). The Ballarat Hackerspace provides tools, connections, community and other resources to help improve the skills of its members and the community, as well as encourage a culture of participating in technology advances, rather than passively using them.

We run regular workshops, community meetups, and encourage growth in the community in the broader Victorian goldfields region.

We are generally open for public walk-ins on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays. Come in for a chat, participate in show and tell, share some knowledge, or just tinker on your own projects — no matter how BIG or small.

Finding Us

We are located on the Federation University SMB Campus (campus map, pdf). We're on the top floor of Building K (also the location of the Ballarat Tech School). Our main door is at the top of the stairs on the south side of that building (between Building K and Building I) or there is disabled access via the lift on the corner facing Albert Street. If you get lost trying to find us just send us a tweet and we'll send out a search party!


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