3D Printing Workshop - Build Your Own

By Firnsy — Sat, 19 Sep 2015

Achievement unlocked! First workshop in the space – and we certainly jumped straight in the deep end with a "building our own 3D printer" workshop. Well perhaps "building" is a little broad, though the full title of "assembling, reflashing, upgrading, calibrating, and troubleshooting your 3D printer" just seemed overly verbose.

We had a number of members sign up to be part of our first ever workshop which got off to great start. The workshop entails the assembly and calibration of a Prusa i3 based printer that comes in kit form.

The kits were purchased direct from the manufacturer and were very well packaged for their interstate travel. No broken bits, chips or noticeable defects on any of the parts so far. Very impressed!

Unboxing the parts for the first time had the team wide-eyed like a Christmas morning and we didn't hesistate to start the assembly.

A baby Prusa i3 waiting to see the world.

We only assembled for just over two hours and got through about two thirds of the X carriage assembly. Quite a lot of time was spent on identifying parts as well as photographing each step. Subsequent workshops will benefit significantly from the documentation process we've been doing.

Oh and how can I forget that funky piece which can be installed upside down and needs a complete disassemble to flip before continuing. We now have better indicators that should prevent that in future.

The hard part is now waiting until the next assembly day.

So many pieces!