Joining Us

We welcome you to join the Ballarat Hackerspace in a way that bests serves you. We have a number of membership options, from single-shot sessions, social and full time memberships. Sponsorships are also available for those that want to help us grow.

Membership is required to use the tools, but not to drop in for a chat - we welcome you to come to the space first, have a chat about what you want to do, and how the space can help you get there.

After you sign up as a Learner or Social member, find a time we are open on our front page, and come in! If you have a project in mind, bring any designs or ideas you have. If you don't, let us know what you are interested in learning and we can help you come up with a project.

We have a growing list of projects and project ideas for adults and kids. These projects are at all levels, including complete beginner, and this list is growing over time.

Membership Options

We have a number of member packages available for you to choose from. As a non-profit, all our membership fees are invested directly back into to provide new tools, maintaining existing tools and maintaining an inventory of parts and pieces for your projects.


  • Published open times access only.
  • Educational use of tools and consumables.
  • Help and learn from other members.
  • Find inspiration for a project of your own!.
  • A great way to support the Ballarat Hackerspace while looking for a project to work on.


  • All the benefits of the Learner Membership.
  • Use of tools and consumables on personal projects.
  • Small dedicated storage for projects.

Full Time

  • All the benefits of the Social Membership.
  • 24/7 access.
  • Large dedicated storage for projects.


  • All the benefits of the Full Time Membership.
  • Discounted workshops.
  • Sponsorship recognition.
  • Association membership included.

How to become a Member

Joining is really, really, easy ...

  1. Select a membership above and click "Join".
  2. Check out the rules of the Hackerspace (including conditions of membership) and make sure that you agree to abide by them. That’s important for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.
  3. If not paying by Credit Card, please set up a regular bank transfer for your membership payment:

    Name: Ballarat Hackerspace Inc
    BSB : 193-879
    Account No: 468 349 494

    Please use the name we will know you as in the payment description.

  4. Get down to the space and hack on stuff!

Not ready to become a Member?

If you're not ready to become a member but you want to be kept in the loop of things that are happening, or preparing to happen, at the space then just registering with our TidyHQ account will ensure you get all the pre-release information for new workshops and events.

To sign up is even easier than becoming a member.

  1. Fill in the Registration Form on TidyHQ.