Women at the Ballarat Hackerspace

Women's Wednesdays at the Hackerspace

The Ballarat Hackerspace is committed to increasing STEAM participation by women.

We are pleased to announce that the Ballarat Hackerspace is open on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 8pm to women, for free, from June 14th 2017. This fits our ideals of having an encouraging and safe space to explore STEAM, and a community that ahears to those goals. See our Code of Conduct for more information.

Like most open times at the Ballarat Hackerspace, Women's Wednesdays are for people to come in and use the space and its equipment

We encourage collaboration in projects, and can support projects with expertise, materials, and equipment.

If you'd like something a bit more structured, such as a workshop, then have a chat to us about upcoming events. Further, if you'd like project ideas, we have heaps of things needing to be done. Some of it needs high-level programming skills, some just needs a bit of writing or taking photos for social media. It all helps and whatever your skill set (or desired skill set) is, we can give you a project!

We also have some beginners kits in various forms. We have arduinos available for use for those wanting to learn how to program a circuit. We have Raspberry Pis available for use for those wanting to learn python programming and controlling things. We have beginners soldiering kits available. If we don't have the stuff to help you learn, get in contact and we can try make it happen.

For more advanced users, we'd love for you to come in and show off your skills and projects! Further, we are on the lookout for mentors and champions to help run Women's Wednesdays. Contact us if you want to learn more.

Some important notes

Kids are welcome, but we recommend 10 years or older, and must be accompanied by a guardian (we have lots of sharp things, hot things, heavy things, fragile things, pointing things, tall things and so on). That guardian is wholly responsible for any kids they bring to the space.

Usage of the space is under our normal agreements around space usage. As part of that, you'll need to register as a member and agree to our policy. However, there is no fee for Wednesday nights. If you do not want to pay, just don't select a membership open. You must have an account and agree to our waiver, and terms and conditions, if you want to use the equipment in the space.

We would love you to become a member, and as part of that you'll get access to the space for the rest of the week too!

The Ballarat Hackerspace welcomes and encourages everyone to join in. Please see our code of conduct for more information.