Our workshops are developed by our expert members covering a range of topics that relate to science, technology, engineering, arts and maths.

Up next - Internet of Things

The Ballarat Hackerspace is running two workshops on the Internet of Things, to show you how to connect devices to the internet and communicate with them. This allows you to deploy sensors and actuators, for example, but not limited to:

  • reading weather data from outside,
  • monitoring population levels around town,
  • running sensor monitors around your house,
  • turning lights and other devices on and off remotely, and
  • locking your door from your smartphone.

The workshops are set at two levels, beginner and intermediate. The beginner workshop is slower paced and focuses on the basics of connecting a device to the internet and communicating with it. The intermediate workshop is faster paced and delves more in-depth and has more complex examples.

Beginner: Thursday 18th April, 9am to 3pm

Intermediate: Saturday May 18th - 9am to 3pm

If you need accessible access, please contact us separately at for us to arrange this.

If you complete the beginner workshop, you could also then follow up with the intermediate course, which is a few weeks later, and would be suitable paced.

Both workshops expect some experience with programming and electronics, but if you don't have this, let us know and we can work out what you need to know beforehand. Under 18s are welcome, but must be with a guardian over 18 who is responsible for them. All participants will need to sign a waiver before completing the course.

Registrations are not yet open, but will be very, very soon. If you sign up for registering interest, you'll make sure you don't miss out!

More Workshops

Our standard range of workshops includings the following:

  • Build your own 3D Printer, built from standard components, giving a very deep understanding of how these machines work.
  • Rasperry Pi 101, an introductory workshop on programming, electornics and hacking that is very accessible to all.
  • Build your own Drone/Quadcopter, for building your own drone and learning to fly.
  • Internet of Things 101, connecting equipment to the internet and controlling devices over any distance.
  • Arduino 101, learning about programming integrated circuits.

If you are interested in participating in any of the aforementioned workshops or have an idea of one you would like to see then please register your interest.

Our workshops are run by volunteers and are ran based on their availability and demand for a certain course - so let us know what you are interested in!