COVID Information

There are new rules for using the space, that you must adhere to (effective immediately, until further notice):

  1. You must wear a mask when in the space
  2. If you have cold and flu symptoms, you cannot come into the space
  3. You must sign in and out when using the space
  4. A maximum of 20 people can use the space at one time
  5. It is up to you, as a user of the space, to clean surfaces you use, and tools you use. We will provide wipes (for surfaces) and spray (for tools etc that are harder to clean). Cleaning must be at the start and end of your usage.
  6. This applies to the kitchen too. Every dish or surface you use needs to be immediately washed.
  7. This applies to the bathrooms too. Please ensure you leave a clean bathroom behind you.
  8. One or two people from the same family per desk at most.
  9. If you are a full time member, you must leave during casual hours. This frees up equipment for casuals who otherwise have restricted hours to use the space.
  10. Do not bring people into the space unless needed. For instance, don't show the space to your buddy during these times. If you have multiple kids, try get them babysat while you come in (rather than having them run around the space while you are tinkering).
  11. Use common sense, remembering we are in a pandemic and if an outbreak occurs in the space, we might have to shut again for quite a while
  12. You can use your tub to store stuff, but if it doesn't fit in the tub, it must be taken home with you. This includes your BYO filament, plywood and other tools or materials.
  13. Absolute clean desk policy applies. If you leave something on the desk, consider it gone
  14. Please don't put food waste in the bins for now, which will save us having to change them as often
  15. We will be putting things like computer keyboards and the super nintendo away. If you don't need to use these, please don't for now (obviously you'll need a keyboard for the slicing computer etc). Put things back after you have taken them out please.
  16. Consider bringing your own keyboard and mouse, plugging it in and taking it with you
Last updated 2020-11-14