bHack enters GovHack 2014

By — Mon, 12 May 2014

GovHack is a 48 hour event where challenges are put to the community to come up with inventive ways to use government data. Since it's inception in 2009. GovHack has seen participation grow to over 1000 teams as of 2013. Originally, it was based in Canberra, and has slowly grown to include major capital cities and for the first time this year a number of Regional cities also.

Ballarat, which has shown consistent commitment for establishing itself as "tech-progressive" city, is among the first regional cities in Australia to stand up a GovHack location.

bHack will be participating, in all our glory, for a 48-hour software (and possibly hardware) hackathon. Whilst there's still plenty of time to register, there are only 15 tickets left to be able to enter via the Ballarat location. Feel free to jump in on the bHack team and be part of a great challenge.